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About Us

Opals Treasures is an independent small business, that is passionate about reducing plastic pollution. We are based in Armagh, Northern Ireland and began this venture in July 2021.

 I am Lucy, the maker behind Opals   Treasures! I started this venture in July,   when I was feeling inspired by low waste   and plastic free living. Since then, I   consider myself fully plastic free and try to   limit my impact on this world as much as   possible. Click here to read more about   my environmental impact as an individual   and as a business.

  My products are made using 100%   recycled, post consumer plastic. High density polyethylene to be specific. This includes, but is not limited to: Milk cartons and lids, bleach and shampoo bottles, and soft drink lids!

Every single one of our products are handmade, we don't have any fancy machinery just yet. 

We have worked hard to source 100% plastic-free, bio-degradable and home compostable packaging, and encourage you to reuse and recycle them!

My products are inspired by the Precious Plastic community. A fantastic resource on plastic and how we can recycle it. For more information on the Precious Plastic community and their work, visit:

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