Happy May!

Environmental Impact

I am passionate about reducing my impact and footprint left on our beautiful planet. Here are some ways I do this:

I live a plant based lifestyle, and do not consume meat or dairy products.

I invest in carbon offsetting schemes and projects across the globe, and more locally. My commitment to this means I offset over 25 tonnes of CO2 annually by both tree planting and renewable energy projects.

I own an electric car, and charge it on a fully green tarrif, meaning I do not rely on fossil fuels for transportation.

I live a low waste lifestyle. However, my business is completely zero waste.

All the plastic I use is reused and remelted, sometimes up to 50 times! All offcuts and shavings are saved and remelted too. Due to the handmade nature, I am able to limit the creation of those pesky micro-plastics!

The plastic we use is post-consumer (meaning it has already had its life and was headed to landfil) or found on local beaches and streets. The plastic is collected by myself, or donated by my lovely followers and community!

My products are fully recyclable end of life. This is because I use only one type of plastic for each product. This enables me to create a circular economy! When you no longer have use for it, you can always send it back to me to be remelted into another beautiful creation.