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Shell Earrings - 100% Recycled Plastic


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Our 100% recycled shell charm plastic and zero waste earrings are the perfect addition to an environmentalist's style.

We use milk cartons, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles and more to make our products, turning them into 100% recycled, zero waste home decorations and additions.

This is made to order, please allow 7 working days before dispatch.


Your earrings will be made to order, from various HDPE plastic colours, including milk cartons and lids, and soft drink lids. 


Please note, these earrings are made using offcuts/plastic scraps so will vary in colour, shape and size. They may be disassembled during packaging to reduce the chances of breakage during postage.

CARING FOR YOUR EARRINGS - store in a cool dry place to avoid tarnishing - avoid dropping or storing in places like purses or pockets - put on earrings after all make-up, hairspray, and perfume has been applied - avoid showering or swimming with your earrings on - if dirty, gently clean with a baby wipe, make-up wipe or soap and water